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I've fiddled around with a few side projects during my decades on the web. Here are a few still kicking around.


Created in late 2023 to experiment with large scale, AI-powered article generation.

Bloomhub allowed me to get more comfortable with prompt engineering, to explore and understand the limits of zero and one-shot prompting, and see if or how the resulting output would fare in search. Behind the scenes there is a fairly comprehensive command prompt that can generate outlines for any sort of article about gardening, draft an article based on the outline, figure out related tags, and fetch a related image.


A Javascript library that creates animated output that looks like code, but isn't really. Inspired by the countless screens of gibberish code that you see in the movies and TV shows.

It randomly generates code sequences using several base blocks (flow control, variable definition, execution statements, and SQL queries). Good for if you ever need output that looks code-y, but is actually nonsense!


ColourFinder is a Javascript library that extracts the dominant colour palette from an image.

It works by identifying the colour of each individual pixel that makes up an image, and returns a list of the colours most frequently seen in the image.

Short films

Between 2009 and 2013 I made three short films: a noir thriller (Forty Detectives Later), a silent movie (The Bench), and a mockumentary (Interview with a Ghost). Life got in the way a bit and I stopped making films, but I'll get back to doing it one day.


I dabble with music production under the project name "Cognize".

Cognize - Sketch from New Brighton

Best of movies

For a few years in a row I compiled some of my favourite films of the year as a little microsite.