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About me

Over the past two decades I've built a lot of websites.

While gaining my honours degree in Internet Computing (BSc.) in the early 2000s, I also worked at a small web design agency, honing my skills in design, programming, and SEO.

Fast forward twenty years and I'm Digital Product Director at Gamer Network @ IGN Entertainment, where I set and deliver the product vision for our award winning editorial websites.

My focus is on creating world-class editorial and event websites. Sites I make are fast to load, editorially sympathetic, advertiser friendly, SEO-performant, and deliver content in a way that readers like. No mean feat. The team I lead are a mix of designers, frontend developers, backend developers. They're a great bunch.

Outside of work, I am a big film-buff, a blue-belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and have a growing interest in gardening.


For the past seventeen years I've been involved in the information architecture, design, and implementation of Gamer Network's websites.

Sites I've helped originate, design and build for Gamer Network include:

Collectively, the sites I maintain reach an audience of over 50 million gamers every month. They get over a billion page-views a year. Woah, that's a lot.

Other things I've helped design from my agency days include countless e-commerce websites, content management systems; portfolio websites for photographers, copy writers, & craftsmen; marketing sites for clients such as O'Neill, The Big Issue, Gold's Gym, Dennis Publishing, and more.

Special projects

By working on Gamer Network's sites for the last decade I've had the ability to work on the following types of projects, often all the way from conception, design, implementation, to delivery:

My most recent project was to research, specify, design, and build — ReedPop's new board games site.

Before that I took on the task of integrating Google AMP and Facebook Instant into the editorial workflow for all of Gamer Network's publishing websites.


These days I spend most of my time planning projects and mediating between stakeholders to ensure that our websites meet their varied (and often conflicting!) requirements. I also manage a team of website designers and developers to deliver on those projects.

I use the following combination of skills in my day-to-day job:

I am very comfortable using the following languages and tools:

My design process often eschews static mockup tools such as Photoshop in favour of wire-framing and prototyping directly in the browser.

My personal style tends to reduce visual ornamentation. I think the closest way of describing it is to call it "functional" design.

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