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2020 in review: Film and TV

I barely watched any new films this year. Well I did, but not in my usually voracious way.

Normally I like to recount my favourite films that I first watched this year regardless of their release date, so here goes:

  1. On the Waterfront - so good. It's reinforced how much I'd like to start pigeon fancying once I retire.
  2. Cool Hand Luke - full of religious symbolism, and the egg eating competition is hilarious.
  3. Day of the Dead - so fun and angry and gross and heartwarming. Loved it.
  4. An American Pickle - hilarious and insightful.
  5. Hidden Figures - glossy feel-good movie that celebrates scientific achievement. Rare!
  6. Official Secrets - downbeat film about recent UK history.
  7. TENET - it has to go on the list as it's one of the only films I saw at the cinema this year. I liked it.
  8. The John Wick trilogy - blazed through all three in as many days. Lovely to see so much jiu-jitsu on display.
  9. Spider-Man: Far From Home - so fun to watch with the boy.

Some films that are top of my to-watch list for early 2021:

Some TV that I enjoyed:

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